Comprehensive Guide to Pre-sale and Launch Tokenomics

4 min readApr 23, 2023

Dear Solunners,

We know you’ve been eagerly waiting, and we are excited to officially announce our launch and presale plans! Since we began building on zkSync, we have experienced a lot:

  1. Our Discord community reached 500 members within 24 hours, and our Twitter followers reached 3,000 in less than two weeks.
  2. Our pool, with no emissions, achieved a TVL of nearly 90K in less than a week.
  3. We launched the most generous airdrop program in zkSync’s history, distributing 15% of the initial mint of SLNA as veSLNA to the community, allowing them to share in all protocol revenues.
  4. Our BD team has been working hard, establishing partnerships with renowned protocols such as GMD, FireBird, Overnight, Sigma Finance, and Impermax, all of which will participate in SoluneaDex’s ecosystem after the official launch.
  5. To establish long-term transparency and trust, we have completed KYC, audited the presale contract, and will publicly verify all online contracts. We are committed to maintaining full transparency and trust.

We know that this is just the beginning, and Solunea’s goal is to become a truly community-owned project, relying on the power of decentralized community engagement to become the best Dex on zkSync!

Now, with the approval of our dev team, we are finally announcing our presale and launch plans! Let’s take a look at the specific rules!

SLNA Tokenomics

We will have an initial mint of 50MM $SLNA, which will be distributed as follows:

Initial circulating supply:

  1. Presale : Total of 10MM SLNA, 20% of total initial mint, 100% unlocked at TGE
  • Private Presale: Early community builders and other contributors who obtained WL can participate in this presale round, with a total of 4MM $SLNA for sale. Each WL will have a maximum limit of 2 ETH. The WL acquisition will officially end at 8AM UTC on April 24th, after which no more WL slots will be available.
  • Public Presale: Anyone can participate in this presale round, with a total of 6MM $SLNA for sale.

2. Total of 2.5MM, 5% for partners, including partner protocols, KOLs, etc., to be gradually released after launch.

The remaining 75% of $SLNA will be locked as veSLNA, with specific details as follows:

  1. POL: 4M SLNA and 50ETH will become POL and be locked.
  2. Partnership: 8.5M, 17%, locked for 4 years, for partner protocols and communities.
  3. Airdrop: 7.5M, 15%, locked for 1 year, released in batches. Since the airdrop event has not yet ended, the airdropped SLNA will be temporarily locked for two weeks. After the airdrop list is confirmed, we will open the airdrop claim page for users to directly claim their tokens.
  4. Ecosystem Fund: 7.5M, 15%, locked for 4 years, for collaborating with other communities, developers, and ambassadors.
  5. Treasury: 5M, locked for 4 years, for protocol expenses.
  6. Team: 5M, locked for 4 years, for team compensation.


Weekly emissions start at 2M $SLNA (4% of the initial total supply) and decay at 3% per week (epoch).

veSLNA holders will receive about an anti-inflation rebase compensation, ensuring that the voting power of veSLNA is not diluted due to the distribution of LP emissions. the specific rebase formula can be found in our documentation.

Presale Details

Our presale will adopt the FCFS (First Come First Served) model, divided into two rounds, Private Round (24h) and Public Round (30h). The Private Round will raise 45ETH, the Public Round will raise 75ETH, totaling 120ETH. The Private Round price has a 10% discount compared to the Public Round price. Specific information is as follows:

Private Round Specifics

Qualifation: WL , Obtaining WL will be closed on 4/24 at 6:00 UTC, after which it will be impossible to acquire any WL


Start of sale: 24th April 2023 14:00 UTC

End of sale: 25th April 2023 14:00 UTC

Duration: 24 hours

Format: FCFS

Hard cap: 45 ETH (4000000 SLNA Token| 8% of total initial supply)

Soft cap: 20 ETH

Price: 0.00001125 ETH per token

Individual cap: More than 0.1 ETH , Less than 2 ETH

Public Round Specifics


Start of sale: 25th April 2023 15:00 UTC

End of sale: 26th April 2023 21:00 UTC

Duration: 30 hours

Format: FCFS

Hard cap: 75 ETH (6000000 SLNA Token| 12% of total initial supply)

Soft cap: 30 ETH

Price: 0.0000125 ETH per token

Individual cap: More than 0.1 ETH , Less than 2 ETH

We’ve only prepared 1 infographic so that you can quickly understand our presale

After the Sale:

  • $SLNA tokens can be redeemed after the public sale has come to an end. To claim your $SLNA tokens after the public sale, visit the page you deposited your ETH, claim button will be available after the public sale round ended. If you took part in both the private and public sales, make sure to claim separately from each respective claim page.
  • The official SLNA pool will open, and emission will start 3 hours after the public sale ends (27th April 2023–0am UTC).

Soluneers, get ready, with the best team and community, here we come!