Official Launch Unveiled: Discover All the Details and Opportunities Awaiting You

2 min readApr 25, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the tremendous success of our WL pre-sale, and we thank the community for your trust! This article will provide you with all the information related to our official launch:


After the presale and before the launch, you will have several options:

  1. You can add LP and stake to farm high rewards initially. The APR will be displayed for your reference before Emission starts, but the actual Emission rewards will only be distributed after the Emission begins.
  2. You can lock your SLNA purchased from pre-sale or trading pairs into veSLNA. There are two benefits:

(a) Holding veSLNA can boost your LP’s APR up to 2.5 times, e.g., if your SLNA/ETH gauge pool’s APR is 3000%, you can increase it up to 2.5x after boosting with veSLNA.

(b) Locking into veSLNA also allows you to vote for all pools. We will initially have 3 pools: SLNA/ETH, ETH/USDC, and USDC/USD+. By voting for a specific pool, you’ll receive all the swap fees and bribes generated by that pool.

Please note that all voting must be completed before 4/27 00:00 UTC. You can distribute your votes across different gauges.

Launch Stages

Stage 1 (Liquidity Added, First Votes — 4/26 21:00–4/27 00:00 UTC):

  1. Add Liquidity
  • Liquidity pair: SLNA/ ETH
  • Initial liquidity: $185K ( calculated with ETH price of 1850$ )
  • Listing price: 0.0000125ETH

2. Investors can claim SLNA on the deposit page right after the presale end.

3. Users can add LP, stake, and view the corresponding APR, but Emission rewards will be distributed only after 4/27 00:00.

4. Users need to lock and vote before Emission starts.

5. In epoch 1, we will have 3 pairs, and the team’s initial voting will be:




Stage 2 (Emission officially starts — after 4/27 00:00 UTC)

Emission rewards will be distributed to staked LPs and veSLNA holders. From this point on, the protocol is entirely in the hands of the community.

Regarding Emission, locking into veSLNA will significantly impact SLNA’s Emission. The more people lock, the less Emission will be distributed, making SLNA more deflationary, protecting veSLNA holders, and promoting a healthier protocol development. The initial Emission will prioritize SLNA investors.

The future plans

  1. We will seek more partners, not just for exposure, but for long-term benefits like continuous bribes, enhancing veSLNA liquidity, etc.
  2. Expanding the community, we will increase Telegram channels, launch ambassador programs, AMAs, and more.
  3. Enhancing the product experience and improving UI.
  4. As mentioned in our roadmap, we may consider introducing Bonds, but we are still looking for suitable partners.

We are truly grateful for the trust and support from the community and are excited to build a fantastic product together! 🚀🌟