Solunea Unveiled: Revolutionizing ve(3,3) on zkSync

3 min readApr 9, 2023

Solunea is the first 100% Real Yield & Community owned ve(3,3) DEX on zkSync Era.

What is zkSync?

zkSync is an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution based on Zero-Knowledge Proofs. It enables faster and more cost-effective Ethereum transactions while maintaining the security of Ethereum Layer 1. This makes using zkSync more attractive in decentralized applications, such as exchanges and payment apps.

What is ve(3,3)?

Ve(3,3) is a decentralized finance (DeFi) tokenomics design first proposed by Andre Cronje, founder of Yearn Finance, who combined the aspects of the Curve vote-escrow mechanism with OlympusDAO’s (3, 3) staking.

You can find further information here

What is the biggest difference between Solunea and other ve(3,3)s?

First of all, ALL profit generated on our platform, which currently includes swap fees and ve(3,3) bribes revenue, as well as all other future revenue on our platform, will be distributed proportionally to our ve holders. This means that when you buy SLNA and lock it into veSLNA, you become a shareholder of this DEX and will receive a share of all its revenue based on your proportion. The same amount of SLNA locked for a longer time will result in more veSLNA.

The reason we do this is because we recognize that ve(3,3) is an excellent economic model that requires a constant inflow of real external revenue to support its momentum. Therefore, we will distribute all revenue to ve holders, and at the same time, we will continuously create more external revenue, including bribes, other use cases, etc. We believe that through such innovation, we will make ve(3,3) even better and become the most successful ve(3,3) in history.

Secondly, we are completely permissionless. Except for the initial start-up phase, where the votes for different pools in epoch1 are designated by the Solunea team (as there are no other veSLNA holders at that time), all decisions on this platform are made through voting by veSLNA holders. The community fully owns this protocol.

What’s next For Solunea ?

  1. We will launch our website and airdrop campaign within a few days, and we hope that early supporters will have the opportunity to earn airdrop rewards by trying out our product and participating in the airdrop activities.
  2. After our product has undergone sufficient online testing and user experience evaluation, we will initiate our presale within one to two weeks. Our presale will be divided into a private round and a public round. We will announce the specific details in our community once they are finalized.
  3. Once we officially launch, we will introduce more ecosystem partnerships, particularly as we are in discussions with many well-known bribers regarding our writings, continuously enriching our ve ecosystem.
  4. We will continue to iterate and optimize our product experience while simultaneously building additional products that can generate better synergistic effects with our existing platform.

Why does the team choose to stay annon?

We are committed to building a fully decentralized and autonomous project. By remaining anonymous, we can ensure the complete decentralization of the project, preventing it from being manipulated by individual members or centralized organizations.

In addition, maintaining anonymity helps us focus on the technical and community development of the project, rather than on personal identities. We believe that a successful decentralized project should be driven by the community as a whole, rather than relying on the influence of individual figures. By staying anonymous, we can allow the community to play a larger role in contributing to and making decisions about the project, thus achieving better decentralized governance.

Lastly, keeping the team anonymous helps protect the privacy and security of team members. In the current cryptocurrency environment, successful projects and team members can become targets for attacks and scams. By remaining anonymous, we can reduce these risks and ensure the safety of team members.