The Future of Solunea: Real Yield, Deflation, and Launchpad

3 min readMay 23, 2023

As we embark on an exhilarating journey marked by our successful launch on Arbitrum, we are excited to share our future roadmap. Our future vision is centered around real yield, deflation, and a robust Launchpad service.

1. Emphasizing Real Yield

The cornerstone of our financial model is real business revenue. We are fully committed to cultivating substantial business income, choosing to focus on sustainable profit growth over temporary market trends. Our ongoing investments, strategic partnerships, and planned initiatives all underscore this commitment. We stand by the principle that genuine, long-lasting profit is the key to sustained success in the blockchain world.

2. Introduction of a Deflationary Fund

An upcoming initiative we’re keen to introduce is a Deflationary Fund. This fund is engineered to create value for SLNA holders through generating income from diverse sources and using it to repurchase and burn SLNA tokens on the open market. The immutable nature of this fund’s contract ensures it can accept external funding without team intervention. The team’s sole power is to instruct the contract to buy and burn SLNA tokens.

3. Expansion to a Launchpad

A significant milestone on our roadmap is the Launchpad. More than a platform for project launches, our Launchpad will provide comprehensive services, including marketing, technical support, and token listing. A distinct feature of our Launchpad is the support we provide new projects in initiating their liquidity pool (LP) through our voting power.

In addition to the benefits offered to new projects, we also aim to reward our veSLNA holders with several perks. These include privileges such as access to Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) benefits and whitelist entries for projects launching on our platform. This structure ensures a symbiotic relationship between the Launchpad projects and our veSLNA token holders.

We’ll charge a fee for these services, part of which will support our team’s operations, and the rest will be funneled into our Deflationary Fund, enhancing the value proposition for our token holders.

4. Introduction of New Business Verticals

We’re expanding our horizons by introducing exciting business verticals such as Bet Game, Lottery, and others that align with our core values and strategic vision. The revenue generated from these verticals will also contribute to our Deflationary Fund, keeping the deflationary pressure on our tokens consistent.

Our Action-Packed Q2 Plans

As we move ahead, our Q2 is filled with specific action plans to reinforce our mission.

1. Forging More Partnerships: We aim to solidify more strategic alliances that amplify our network and foster mutual growth.

2. Coingecko & CMC Listing: A milestone on the horizon is our listing on Coingecko & CMC, set to increase our token’s visibility and market access.

3. Community Building Activities: We plan to host various activities to broaden our community’s impact, bolster engagement, and facilitate the exchange of ideas.

4. Launch of Our Launchpad: The Q2 rollout of our Launchpad, designed to offer comprehensive services to new projects, is eagerly awaited.

5. Issuing Our First NFT: A highlight of our Q2 plan is the issuance of Solunea’s first NFT, which, apart from its commemorative value, will offer Real Yield income features.

In summary, our vision is to create sustainable growth through a focus on tangible business income, strategic deflationary practices, and the nurturing of innovation through our Launchpad and new business ventures. We’re dedicated to building a robust ecosystem that maximizes value for our stakeholders and contributes positively to the broader blockchain space. As we step into a promising future filled with possibilities, we’re fully geared to seize every opportunity.